London Public Policy Seminars


The London Public Policy seminars provide a forum for academic exchange in public policy across the greater London area.

It is organised jointly between King’s College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Queen Mary University of London, and University College London.

We are grateful to the Department of Government at the LSE for financial support for our activities.

For further information, please contact the organisers, Christel Koop (King’s College), Peter John (King’s College) and Martin Lodge (LSE) and Claudio Radaelli (UCL)


Forthcoming Seminars

Evelyn Brodkin (Chicago)

Sticky Problems and Welfare State Politics: Seeing the State at the Street

Thursday, 21 November 2019, 6pm

LSE, CON705 (map)

Liesbet Hooghe and Gary Marks

Multi-level Governance

Monday, 2 December 2019, 6pm


Jacint Jordana with Fulya Apaydin

Strategic Accountability in Unstable Environments: Security and Exchange Regulators in Mexico, Spain and Turkey

Tuesday, 10 December 2019, 6pm

KCL, Bush House North East Wing, BH.9.03 (9th floor, map)

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Previous Speakers

Steven Balla

Dan Berliner

Sarah Birch

Nicole Bolleyer

Christian Breunig

Dan Carpenter

Tom Christensen

Pepper Culpepper

Carl Dahlström & Victor Lapuente

Ben Seyd (Paper here)

Richard Bellamy

Tom Christensen

Peter Enns

Lawrence Ezrow

Ewan Ferlie

Matthew Flinders (Paper)

Scott Greer

Christopher Hood

Oliver James

Sebastian Jilke

Will Jennings

Per Laegreid (paper)

David Lewis

Patrick Legales & Charlotte Halpern

Peter Loewen

Jeremy Lonsdale & Tom Ling

Gerry McGivern

Martino Maggetti

Ken Meier

Jan Meyer-Sahling

Moshe Maor

Donald Moynihan

Ed Page

Suzanne Piotrowski

Aseem Prakash

Anne Rasmussen

Jessica Rich

Alasdair Roberts

Michael ROss

Gerry Stoker

Colin Thain

Eva Thomann

Frank Vibert

Albert Weale

Kent Weaver

Alison WOlf

Kutsal Yesilkagit

Bernardo Zacka